Accessibility on Android

9:10 pm in Android, Presentation by Luke Wallace

The July 2011 DalMob Conclave focused on Accessibility in Mobile apps, with a presentation from Doug Russell and Luke Wallace from Bottle Rocket. Luke’s presentation on Android Accessibility is available as a PDF link below. Accessibility on Android (PDF) This presentation was created before Android 4.0, which has made some small changes to how Accessibility […]

End Of Year DalMob Conclave Survey

7:39 pm in Conclave by Jay Henderson

The year has come and gone, and we are definitely interested in providing the best content and information for you in the DFW mobile community. We would like to continue building our great community but we need your help and input! Please click the link below to fill out a brief survey and let us […]

November Conclave:

7:30 pm in Conclave, Presentation by Jay Henderson

NOVEMBER MEETUP- Mobile Web & PhoneGap First of all, I just wanted to say that I am really getting into the groove of posting again. I definitely will be posting quite regularly now, and soon will be posting video content once I get a Canon or Sony camera! Now to business, I want to talk […]

The Untitled Next Big Thing

3:16 pm in Uncategorized by Taylor Cavanah

Mobile is so hot right now.  Sit in on a talk from someone in the tech world, ask them what’s The Next Big Thing, and prepare to get your mind blown.  It’s mobile! Oh wait, you already knew that?  You already have a smart phone that you do all of your book-facing, emailing, texting, Youtubing, […]

Privacy for location Based Services with Smartphones

6:30 pm in Conclave, Presentation by james spargo

I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to present my research to DalMob. Both the slides for my talk and my research can be found at Abstract: These days, mobile devices and smartphones enabled with GPS and Internet access have become extremely common. People are using these devices as they would a […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green

6:30 am in Conclave, Presentation by Michael Griffith

Even if you have been building things digital for your entire career, mobile is different. The iPhone debuted in 2007, the iPad in 2010. That means it’s still new for even the most experienced mobile developers. No one is an expert. This presentation contains some design considerations to hopefully ease the pain. Presentation available at: […]

Alternative Autocomplete UITextField

6:30 pm in Conclave, Presentation by Andrew Wimpy

For a project I am working on, I needed to implement a search bar that would automatically complete the word the user is typing into the search bar and display relevant results. However, I didn’t want this to work like the default search bar functionality in objective c where the search bar is tied to […]

IP Service Contracts

6:30 pm in Conclave, Presentation by Chris Koeberle

Any time money changes hands in software development, a contract is being formed. Writing that contract out gets everyone on the same page and gives them a chance to consider possible outcomes that might not otherwise have occurred to them. With luck, the people involve might even resolve disputes before anyone has made a significant […]

iOS Sprite Animations with Notifications

6:30 pm in Conclave, Presentation by Justin Leger

On one of my first projects, I needed to do simple sprite animations using UIImageView. When I got into it, I quickly realized that I didn’t have the level of control that I needed.  So I created LIImageView and LIAnimationManagerView. I added the ability to load tile based sprite sheets, numbered sequenced images, UIImage decompression […]

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